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VigFX review male virility supplement extended release liquid gel caps clinical proven male enhancement doctor recommended erectile dysfunction premature ejaculation libido sexual satisfactionI recently tried VigFX, and here is my VigFX review. If you’re like me, you enjoy the fun that a prescription erectile dysfunction pill brings. I have always had really good luck with Viagra and Cialis, but they are expensive and I have slight side effects like a headache and stuffy sinuses that can kill the mood. And while they’re awesome – some say miracle workers – they are designed for the moment at hand, not for the long haul.

That’s where all-natural, over-the-counter male libido pills come in. They are designed to increase sexual response over time. This appeals to many men, including those under 40 like me, who are looking for a new way to battle ED.

I stumbled upon one of these products, called VigFX, so I decided to write a review about it.

What Is VigFX?

VigFX is a derivative of the popular VigRX Plus supplement. VigRX Plus is one of the leading all-natural male libido pills. With over a decade of satisfied customers, clients, and clinical studies to verify that it works (as you can find here), it has been proven to increase sex drive by 47% and improve intercourse satisfaction by 71%. That definitely got my attention since I have dealt with erectile dysfunction since I was 27.

The makers of VigFX wanted to capture the success of VigRX but make the absorption rate even better. So they took the formula, put it in liquid form, and put it in a capsule with enteric coating.

So this means that with VigFX you should get the benefits of VigRX Plus, but with up to 80% increased absorption, so you get more out of an already awesome formula. This helps out with bigger erections, awesome sexual control, and amazing libido. That’s what I was hoping for, but did I get it? Continue reading this VigFX review.

What I Liked About VigFX

The first thing that attracted me to VigFX was the free trial bottle. I just filled out the form, paid a small shipping and handling charge (something like $6-7), and waited a couple of days until it arrived. I’ve tried a lot of ED medications, spending a lot of money to do so, just to find out it’s not for me. VigFX was free to try.

I loved the fact that VigFx could be bought online without a prescription. Who enjoys going to the pharmacy to pick up Viagra? Not me, even though I like the product.

I also liked that VigFX has proof that it works. Anyone can put anything in a pill and call it a supplement, but VigFX had a study that you can download. It’s hard to find another male enhancement supplement that can offer this (at least that I’ve found).

But did it actually work on me? I can say yes it did. It’s not an immediate result like Viagra. It feels more like when I would take testosterone injections. I wake up more frequently with erections. When my wife is feeling frisky, I’m able to respond positively more often. I have a lot more confidence in bed. And since I’m able to get a more firm erection naturally, I feel like my stamina is better. All of that equals out to a whole lot more fun in bed, which in turn leads to more sex overall since sex doesn’t feel like a chore anymore. Those of you that deal with ED know what I’m talking about. With VigFX, those feelings of sex being too much trouble have faded.

What I Didn’t Like About VigFX

It wouldn’t be a fair VigFX review if I didn’t mention some things I don’t like about VigFX. First, the pills are very large. You take 2 a day, and I take them at the same time. At first I was taking them literally at the same time, and I almost choked! So now I take one, then I take the other one.

Also, the free trial bottle is good for 15 days. I liked mine, but if you are someone that wants to cancel your next order you have to make sure to pick up the phone and let them know pretty soon after receiving the bottle. However, I was able to notice a difference after a week. Plenty of time to make up my mind to keep a bottle in my bathroom drawer.

As for the actual supplement, I have no qualms with VigFX, unless better sex is a problem, which it’s not.

Can VigFX Work For You?

Obviously, I can’t speak for you. All I know is that VigFX has done a lot of good for me. I really liked that I was able to try it out first before I had to pay for it. I’m having better sex with my wife, which both of us are happy about.

I didn’t check with my doctor before trying it, but it’s always a good idea to mention it to a physician before starting something new. But once you try it, whether you are 18 or 80, there is a good chance you will be happy with your decision. I am.

How to Buy VigFX?

VigFX can be purchased online. As I mentioned above, I loved this. It’s a simple form to fill out, and boom, you’re done. Check it out and get your free trial of VigFX today.

I hope this VigFX review was as helpful to you as the actual supplement has been to me!

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VigFX Review – Does This Male Enhancement Supplement Work?
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